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July 1, 1998
Written by Stephen Idle
For Merlin’s sake!” The Minister grumbled as he stepped outside his office, the bright blue robes that determined he was the goofiest-looking Minister in recent history billowing behind him as there was the usual throng of presses. After the War Voldemort held towards England two months ago, everyone took a liking to opening printing presses and taking pride in delivering post-war news after the Reformation of the Daily Prophet. In that sense, the Minister found it annoying, as can be when the press was even waiting for him outside his office. He would rebuttal would be the usual spiel of ‘Things are being handled’ but these fleas knew better than that.

Answers will be given in the press conference held in the Atrium at noon.” Minister Idle said as he made his way as the suddenly- narrowing corridor that led to the lift. He wasn’t going to the Atrium first. “Please be so kind as to bugger off until that time. And you can quote me on that!” Stephen said with swagger and authority as he stepped inside the lift and the door closed. No one wanted to try anything with Stephen, as they found him to be quite the hardy duelist. Hardy, meaning he was crazy and often threw things midway to get the upper hand.

Things were getting strange. Lately, there was a disappearance of whoever would be appointed to the Ambassadorship for Great Britain. The first one Stephen implemented died in an accident in Switzerland, The second one in Spain and the last one in America. There was great pressure from England towards those superpowers created great pressure in England as well. America was claiming that their American ambassador has died as well as the one from Spain. Stephen suspected there was foul play involved, but there was no time to fully investigate when one has two nations breathing down one’s neck.

As Stephen stepped out of the lift, he suddenly saw more photographers. This wasn’t the floor for Law Enforcement. There were photographers everywhere as well as journalists with floating pads. Stephen took a deep breath and tried his best to not look like a deer in headlights and he took some steps forward. He took his wand and held it to his throat. “I understand you have some questions regarding the skirmishes in Surrey, as well as the attacks in Central London!” Stephen said as people started to quiet down. 
We have stepped up our efforts in patrolling as we speak. We’ve come a long way these last two months. We’ve re-structured, our economy has improved and our relations have never been better.

Then, why are the States and Spain engaging in open battle with us?” A journalist questioned and the commotion started.

Because of the fact that they feel slighted as we have!” He spoke again, and the crowd quieted down. 

Our three appointed ambassadors died! Those are three people I knew well and dear! Three people have died on their soil and they claim no part in it!” Stephen went on as he continued to walk. People were stepping to the side to give him room. 

We must look to our own safety first and then we shall improve on our relations. Finding out who is behind these attacks go a long way in improving our standing amongst the world!” Stephen finished. 
If there’s any more questions, I shall hold another press conference at the end of the week. I must ask you to leave as there’s work to be done!” Stephen turned back to walk towards the lift.

As he passed by someone, he heard a commotion and a flash of green. “Look out!” Someone yelled as the next thing the Minister knew, he was on his back. At his side, there was someone that lay there, dead, wearing the badge of the American Government. The only thing that the Minister knew was that they were in deep trouble.
The time is now February/March 1999, and the winds of speaking of something dark rising once again in the wizarding world. Just months after Voldemort’s defeat, the Second Wizarding War took its toll on wizardkind and Hogwarts. In the midst of such disaster, however, the wizarding world has been doing its best to rebuild itself and so far it seems successful. But if the rumors stand true, something terrible could be on its way fast to destroy the world again.
Join Order of Merlin, a post-Potterverse, AU, roleplay site. We welcome all willing to play Hogwarts students and/or adults. 

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everyone please watch this video this is humanity in it’s purest form

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Secrets and lies, that’s how we grew up, and Albus…  he was a natural.

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it’s like you never had wings | bucky barnes [LISTEN]

i. change by deftones | ii. the phoenix by fall out boy | iii. daisy by brand new | iv. eyes on fire by blue foundation | v. bloody mary by silversun pickups | vi. in for the kill by la roux | vii. down the line by jose gonzalez | viii. papercut by linkin park | ix. my body is a cage by arcade fire | x. cherry tree by the national | xi. take it all away by red | xii. upupup by the mast | xiii. beast by nico vega | xiv. pierrot the clown by placebo | xv. burn my shadow by unkle | xvi. live to rise by soundgarden | xvii. cells by the servant | xviii. the jungle by jamie n commons | xix. bartholomew by the silent comedy | xx. silver by the neighbourhood | xxi. the boy with the bubblegun by tom mcrae

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Alphonse was the real hero of FMA.

Is it called Fullmetal Edchemist??? No??? Didn’t think so.

#omg #fma
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Kamigami no Asobi - characters

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Summoning Kingdom Hearts

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Hercules + scenery

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Real dialogue. I shit you not.

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"You should kiss the ground you walk on if you were born in this country— take it from an old man who once had to wear the Star of David on his shirt. There’s a safety to living in such a diverse place. It’s much more difficult to brainwash a population that is composed of so many different nationalities and so many different viewpoints."